Wednesday 20 May 2015


I was prepared last night!  After the shivering of the night before, I started off the night with an extra cover.  It stayed on all night too, despite the expectation that I would get too hot.  As a result, when waking this morning I was toasty warm and comfortable.  It still feels chilly so I'm wrapped up in dressing gown and boot-type slippers feeling fine.  What a change from yesterday!

While on the subject of weather, we didn't half have some torrential rain at times yesterday.  Hail too!  Anyone would think it was March rather than May but all the rain was very good for the garden.  We managed to miss the rain, more or less, at playtimes so the children got their fresh air and run-around.  That was a mercy because the level 3 SATs paper is a long affair, in two parts with a good break in between.

After that we did some science (habitats) and the day was more or less over!  Time is flying this week whereas last week it really dragged its heels.  Tests are now over apart from catching up with those who were absent on The Days.  I have most of the results collated (it takes quite a time) and all that remains now is the post mortem!!!

I must have been very weary because I fell asleep in my chair at seven, woke at eight and went to bed, read of under an hour and the next thing I knew it was morning.  That's my kind of night!

Today is the different day.  Reading revelry, violins, library, maths (practical capacity - groan) and then PPA in the afternoon.  Staff meeting comes after that.  A long day but an OK day!  I hope . . .

Two days until half term!


  1. These SAT things are a massive deal aren't they? Must be so stressful for the kids, their families and the teachers alike! I'm kind of glad they weren't around for me - although I was a geeky exam overachiever when I was at school, I don't handle stress well (what do you mean, you've noticed???)
    You'll all have earned your half term break!

  2. They are very stressful. Mind you, I have been lucky - in my long career, this is the first time I have had to do end of key stage SATs with my class. And the last because this is the last time.
    J x