Thursday, 21 May 2015


I think it warmed up a bit overnight.  I started off with the extra cover over my quilt, nice and cosy but not too hot, but by the morning (early), I tossed it off because I was  feeling too hot.  Yesterday was a beautiful day, sunny and bright, albeit not terribly warm, but I gather that we are in for some more settled weather to finish the month off.  I do hope so.  It would be nice to be able to sit out in the garden with the laptop and get on with the reports outside.

As expected, yesterday was interesting.  Not in a bad or unexpected way, just in an interesting way.
I managed to catch up on the long and short writing with two children who were away for one or other and we marked them, the TAs did some of the level 1 tasks, we got a risk assessment completed, we did the planning for the first week back over half term, decided on the work we will take to the external moderation meeting, the maths went well (practical capacity with real water!!!!) and only one child soaked herself (accidentally).  Oh, the joys of teaching.

The fleece arrived yesterday so tomorrow morning I will set to and see if I can get the quilt finished.  All that needs doing is adding the fleece as a backing and binding the edges.  I say 'all' but it's quite careful work and will take a while as I intend to hand sew the last bit.  Then I can get it to the intended recipient.  Only three weeks late.  Not too bad!

As I came out of school I met a 'mummy' friend (in other words a friend who is also a parent of children at the school).  You might remember that I used to buy fresh eggs from her but stopped when she didn't have any spare after making the cakes for her own company.  She has lots of little pullet eggs and is ready to sell them again so she's leaving a bowlful of them in the office today!  I'm thrilled - they taste so wonderful.
The only thing now is that I will have to make a lot of eggy things as I bought some last week.  There's no way I would say no to J though - no way whatsoever!!!

Last day of the half term today and there's quite a lot to do.  We're doing a Big Write, more practical capacity work, there's assembly and one of the houses is organising a sponsored goal and hula hooping thing so the children will be going out for that . . .

It's all go!

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