Sunday 17 May 2015


I woke this morning singing Gilbert and Sullivan after an evening at the Civic Theatre watching a performance of the Pirates of Penzance.  For a local group it was very good indeed and some of the singing was outstanding.  I shall definitely look out for their next performance.  It was more personal because a colleague and the daughter of a colleague were both taking lead roles.  Many congratulations to them.

After a very early awakening yesterday and a busy morning, I was pleased to have a snooze in the afternoon. If I hadn't, I would have been falling asleep during the second half.  I've stopped going to shows in London with colleagues because I do exactly that.  I can't stay awake after a busy day at work!

I used my 'square bread' tin for the first time and it works!  A really nice loaf that cuts easily into square slices, perfect for sandwiches.  It's all sliced and in the freezer now, of course, and there's another batch of dough rising at the moment to make a loaf for Beth and Alex.

Sometimes I am so dim.  Ages ago I lost the remote control for the TV.  I still have the control to the DVD player which controls some of the TV functions but it's a first-world nuisance not having the TV control.  It wasn't until yesterday when I was mentally flouncing about it that I realised that I could see if I could get one on Amazon.  I looked, you can and I ordered one!  Why didn't I do that ages ago?

I also found some nice fleece to back the quilt.  One of the fabrics I have used has little owls over it:  I actually got it to make a skirt but there's plenty so I used a bit for the quilt.  The backing fleece also has little owls, not exactly the same but in the same style.  I think it will look nice.  If I get the quilting done today I just have to wait for the backing before finishing it off.  It might even get finished in half term, you never know!

Today is a typical Sunday. Some work in the kitchen, Beth here for lunch, a natter and then a look over my work for the week.   It has started off sunny so I'm hoping it ends up as pleasant as yesterday afternoon was so I can have the back doors open and fresh air blowing through the house.

I might need to do that in the evening anyway because yesterday I bought some basa fillets from Aldi and for tea tonight I want to experiment with cooking it in some kind of frugal (and vegan, not that I am) batter.  I've looked tempura batter recipes up on Google and think I can create a way of making it without egg and without any other fiddle faddles such as sparkling water.
I shall have a go, anyway, and hope it doesn't stink the house out!  Fingers crossed.


  1. You will enjoy the fish fillets they are very nice I sometimes buy them with a ready made coating so I can just fry them or pop then in the oven.

  2. Thanks, Diane, I'm glad they are nice. They were great value. :-)
    J x