Wednesday 27 May 2015

Breadline: 27-5-15

Spent so far:  £46.16
Still to spend:  £15.85
Days left:  5

Today's menu
Breakfast:  scrambled or poached eggs (26) on toast
Lunch:  hummus (14p) with carrot sticks (paid) muffin (6p)
Dinner:  roast chicken leg (50p), leftover (and rather old)coleslaw and potato salad (paid), apple (11p)

Also a biscuit and a flapjack (both home made) when a friend comes round - I'm estimating 10p although it's probably less than that.

Spending today:  £1.17

I really enjoyed the three little portions of different kinds of hummus that I bought last week in Aldi but it is rather an expensive way to buy it so yesterday I bought one pot and divided the contents into four little pots.  So that's 14p each instead of 33p.  Saving!!!  Of course, the most frugal way would be to make it myself, and I have tried in the past, but it never tastes quite right.
I also made some peanut butter so that I can get some reasonablky proved stuff without palm oil!  Very easy and I will continue with this!

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