Friday 15 May 2015


Friday at last.  It has been a wearisomely long week this week what with tests and marking, etc, but we are getting there.  The tests are now done, more or less, and today is marking day.  With 116 pieces of writing to mark, we need it and that's a fact!

As feared, the rains fell yesterday.  When the children went out for a break after the short writing it was drizzling.  That continued through morning play.  It was jolly cold too with a chilly wind blowing up and the damp air.  Before lunch it started raining in earnest and it continued all through the afternoon, clearing slightly fr a short time in the evening before starting again.

Of course, the inflatable afternoon was cancelled, much to the children's disappointment but even they could see that it was hopeless.  They didn't even ask if it would go ahead if the rain stopped.  It's a shame because they adore the inflatable events and happily queue for ages in order to have a go on their favourites.  The mums, dads and carers all gather in the middle with rugs, chairs and picnics and have a good chatter while their children play.

It may be rescheduled, if possible, but dates are limited.

When I got home I got on with the quilt.  I now have the backing, batting and top sandwiched together and have started tacking round to hold them in place.  It's tricky, even with a small thing, because one must try to avoid wrinkles and puckers.  At least - I find it tricky, but I am a beginner and I could do with some sort of frame to hold it all in place while I tack.  How people manage with larger projects, I really don't know!  And I haven't yet decided HOW I am going to quilt it.  I guess that is the weekend's task.

What I have decided is that I will re-back it with some fleece.  That will add a little more thickness and will also make it warm and cosy for baby so that will hold me up while I find somewhere that sells fleece.  I shall try the fabric shop in town on Saturday morning, I think.

Now I had better go and look over my planning as I need to be ready for the person who is covering my class today.  A nice easy day for them, if not for me, after the rigours of the week.  Have a good one and stay warm and dry.


  1. Joy, have you tried the spray fabric glue? It's just perfect for putting guilts together, and I use it when finishing off.
    I spray the back of my ironed quilt, then lay on the batting; spray this, then lay on the backing.
    The layers are held together beautifully, leaving me to edge and quilt them either by hand or by machine.
    Hope this helps xx

  2. No, I haven't. I have some but had forgotten I bought it. Do you put the backing on something before spraying, to protect the floor?
    Thanks for the advice - much appreciated.
    J x