Monday 18 May 2015


Good morning.  Welcome to the last week before half term - a short week of four days as one is a non-pupil day.  It was a fine day yesterday but rather chilly so I only had one door open, not two.  It was a quilt snuggling night and I slept very well indeed.

Diane, you were right, I did like the fish very much.  A light flavour, not a 'meaty' fish at all and very easy to cook and to eat.  I looked in Google and made up a very simple 'tempura-style' batter which was actually jolly delicious, if not authentic and it went with the fish beautifully.  Unfortunately, being batter, cooked in oil, it soaked up a lot of oil so is going to be humungous amounts of calories.  I won't be able to have it very often and I was very strong and discarded the leftover batter rather than making scraps (which I love).  However, I will have the fish more often, cooked in different ways.

I got the quilting done and now just need to wait for the backing to arrive.  I used 'invisible' thread but won't be using it again unless I absolutely have to, it was a right pain.

Today is level 3 maths and 'group' (i.e. class/team) photos.  Another last time and one I won't miss as I hate having my photo taken but cannot get out of it!  It the afternoon it is my hour's PPA and there will be plenty for me to do.

Well, better get on and get started.  Have a good day.


  1. Glad you enjoyed the fish it is a nice easy meal. There is always steamed with parsley sauce which is less calorific.

  2. Much less calorific (grin). I shall certainly steam it at some point and also just dust in seasoned flour and fry in a little butter (not all at the same time though!)
    I thought it was delicious fish.
    J x