Saturday 2 May 2015


It's another chilly morning with a slight frost (they have to mild up soon, surely) but I can't tell if it is cloudy or not at the moment.  The forecast isn't good for the weekend either and even Monday now seems predicted to have rain.  I shall be sad if that is true because I am so looking forward to a day out at Hyde Hall as I haven't been there for ages.  I said 'no' to someone who asked me to do something on Monday because of my plans so maybe it is poetic justice!  :-(
Hyde Hall, borrowed from Google
Yesterday passed as well as most days do.  Thanks to some careful planning and sensible delivery, the art wasn't nearly as sticky as it could have been and everyone got it done.  Next week is the second layer and then the painting and after that the classroom will be filled with beautiful butterflies - that's the theory anyway.  We will see, won't we?

I'm feeling a bit yurk this morning after over-eating the Chinese takeaway last night.  Serves me right for having a second helping.  I don't usually nowadays and it was just too much.  There's some left over and I have scheduled it for dinner tonight but, right now, the thought does not fill me with delight!  I'm sure by teatime I will be more than ready to eat though!

Today is a day at home.  I want to clear some clutter from the kitchen for a start.  It's not messy but there's loads of 'stuff' in the corners and it looks cluttered somehow.  I think the vibes will be better after a sort out.  The tins cupboard is so full I can't see what's in there, which is not helpful, so I will move some to where I keep my 'stash'.

I don't think I will be doing any baking today.  Yesterday evening I forgot to feed the sourdough starter so I must do that today and make my loaf tomorrow.  Maybe Beth will want some bread - if so then I will bake for her, but I have enough for me in the freezer already.

It's time for another coffee so I will leave you and disappear into the kitchen.  Have a lovely day, gentle readers, and I hope you don't have too much work to do.


  1. Oh I'm so tired of these cold days and the changing forecasts: just when you think you have a sunny morning or day, it changes last minute. I know, I know, its Spring, and I would not mind the changableness (is that a word?) if only there was some warmth. I hope you manage your day out despite it all and keep warm.

  2. Thanks, me too. How are you feeling now, Sweffling - I read you weren't too well.
    J x

  3. Hi Joy - just found a comment from you on another blog and thought 'I know her!' How are you? The OU still takes up most of my working and leisure time, somehow - but the food and drink forum is very slow and the SEN kids forum is more or less defunct.
    Nicky Webb

  4. Hi, Nicky! Lovely to hear from you. Very sad about SEN Kids as it was such a useful forum. I think many of the 'Moodle' forums are very quiet now. It's just not what FirstClass was, is it?
    J x