Sunday 31 May 2015

Breadline: end of month 2

Already spent:  £55.58
Left to spend:  £6.42
Days to go:  1

Today's menu
Breakfast:  Oat pancake (paid) with bacon (10p) and soft cheese (paid)
Lunch:  Poached eggs (30p) on toast (paid).  Apple (11p)
Dinner:  Pork and apple burger (50p), roast sweet potatoes (9p), carrots (paid)

Total:  £1.10

It's very much a part of my routine now, doing this maximum of £2 a day on food and, usually, drink too.
I've been thinking about it all and here's some of the thoughts/strategies (in no particular order and in no way profound).

I keep a strict account of either what I spend or the cost of what I eat.  Generally, the everyday things like milk, oats, oil, and a number of other things that have to be used or go off like salad veg, fruit, etc are deducted from the total when bought.  They are the items that are 'paid' and it is why the totals from day to day don't necessarily match what the daily plan costs as recorded in here.

My sharpie pen is my new best friend.  Everything is marked with the price or p (for paid).  That way I don't get into a muddle and it is all done before I put any shopping away.

I round up as I really can't cope with calculating with pennies in three decimal places or more!  The fractions of pences go towards the cost of herbs, seasonings, spices, etc, that don't get costed.  I reckon it works out about even over the month.

I'm eating well, I think, and I'm losing weight.  A stone and a half since I started.  There's a way to go yet but it's a good start.  I know pennies don't equal calories but, when you are cooking from fresh as much as possible (and then freezing when appropriate) and not buying processed meals, it seems to balance out pretty well all round.

There's still way too much in my cupboards and in the freezers.  The stockpile is slowly decreasing but even so . . .   However, very little gets thrown away now and I'm pleased about that.  I always have a list in hand when I do go shopping now and usually stick rigidly to it which is good, I think.

There's a world of information and support out there thanks to the internet.  From places like 'Feed yourself for £1 a day' on Facebook, via helpful blogs and recipe sites, through to articles giving advice and strategies for frugality, there's so much to find.  Very helpful.

I could go on but will stop there.  Now I am looking forward to month 3!


  1. I think you are doing really well - and congratulations on the weight loss too, its really impressive and says a lot about the advantages of logging everything as well as cooking from scratch!
    (Thanks for the original mushroom pate recipe as well by the way)

  2. :-) A pleasure.
    Thanks for the kind words. There's a long way to go yet but fingers crossed.

    J x

  3. I'm really enjoying reading your recipes and it's giving us some meal ideas here too!

  4. Thanks, Tracey - that's very encouraging. :-)
    J x