Thursday 14 May 2015

Breadline: 14-5-15

Already spent:  £21.25
Still to spend:  £40.75
Days to go:  18

Today's food plans:
Breakfast:  Baked beans (12p) on toast (paid)
Lunch:   Soup (10p), rhubarb cake (10p), fruit (paid)
Dinner:  Turkey, apple and sage meatballs in tomato and veg sauce (53p), pasta (4p), grated cheddar (paid), satsuma (10p)

Spent so far:  99p

I ought to go to Morrisons in the evening more often.
Yesterday morning I loaded my yogurt maker with the necessary.  When I got home that evening it had all turned and was nasty.  I didn't think at the time and threw it away but I could probably have strained it, made cottage cheese and used the liquid in soda bread.  Ah well . . .  It's the first time I have had a failure and I wonder if it was because I had frozen the long life milk.

Anyway, I needed some yogurt so after governors' meeting I got some.  They also had some veg on yellow ticket and I got a cauliflower for 19p and a stew pack for 19p as well as two packs of satsumas at a price that made them 10p each.

I've accounted for them already which is why the figures at the top have changed quite a lot from yesterday.

Now I have to decide what to do with it.  I can do the cauliflower for Sunday lunch and I think I might make a vegetable stew with butterbeans and maybe kidney beans or chick peas, both of which I have in the freezer, or maybe some chicken!  I know it's more winter food than summer but when the weather is bad a warming stew can be just the thing.
Or I might just chop and blanche the lot and freeze them as mixed vegetable soup base.

Happy me!

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