Monday 4 May 2015


Good morning, everyone.  Today looks as if it might be an OK day.  The sun is just coming up as I can see by the shadows and light on the houses behind mine (the sun rises at the front and my room faces the back) and the trip to Hyde Hall may very well be 'on'.  Three cheers for that, especially as the forecast for the rest of the week isn't wonderful.

Having said that, despite the rain we have had, the ground is still very dry.  I tried to pull up a leek yesterday and had to fork it up as it wouldn't come and the soil around the roots was pretty dry.

That leek tasted wonderful, as did the little bit of purple sprouting broccoli, even though I steamed it for too long.  I had them with mini roasties, carrots and an apple and pork burger and brown sauce on the side.  It tasted delicious.  The PSB is sending out side shoots now although the other isn't giving anything yet.

I had my third go at a sourdough loaf and this time it went well except that I think I over-baked it - well, I know I overbaked it, in fact.  It wasn't spoilt, it rose beautifully, it all went well and I autolysed the flour first.  I think I may have found my method which involved some hand work as well as using Thermione for the messy bits!
Good old Thermione (borrowed from Google)
Anyway, it is now in the freezer (the bread, not Thermione!), well wrapped in slices, so I have eating it to look forward to.  I did freeze the failures last week, the three little ones in tins that collapsed, but I have no wish to eat them and will probably bin them.  I don't have room in the freezer for things I am unlikely to eat!  Or no - maybe some bread and butter pudding would be better.  I wonder if it would be right for that.

I shall lovingly tend the sourdough starter during the week and will have another go when I next need to make some which won;t be next week, judging bu the lack of bread on the food plans and the amount in the freezer already!

In the time it has taken to type this, the sun appears to have disappeared.  Ah, well, what will be, will be and I can't change that!  Fingers crossed for a fine day for us all.

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