Monday 25 May 2015


Good morning, everyone.

Yesterday was a right mixture of weather.  It was dull, cool, sunny, warm, humid, raining . . . not all at the same time, of course!  At the moment it seems to be dull and dry but it is only just dawn, the sun hasn't risen and it's hard to predict how it will be once light comes properly.  It is bank holiday, of course, so that's asking for rain!

I had a really lovely day yesterday.  I drove over to a dear friend who is also an ex colleague.  She cooked a most delicious roast dinner and we spent the afternoon chatting happily about all sorts of things.  I looked at the clock and it was about 2:00, I looked again half an hour later and it was 5:30!  It was that sort of afternoon.

With her encouragement, I ordered a Senior Rail Card.  I got the three year one so now I HAVE to use it or waste the money!  better start looking at where I could go!  We also talked about what we could do once I don't have to go into work - visits, etc, and it was all very interesting.  Now I must get my bus pass organised!

If you use Morrison's, you will know that they have had this scheme going whereby you get a sticker for every £10 sent and when you have 20 stickers you can buy from a range of knives very cheaply.  I managed to collect some and the resulting knife is really not bad at all.  As the scheme drew to a close they started giving out a lot more stickers and when yesterday I popped into Morrison's for some flowers to take to my friend I was given what seemed like zillions (stickers, not flowers).  It turns out that yesterday was the last day for them although you can buy the knives for another month.  So I have to decide what I want from the range.  I have far too many knives, what I have got will last me out and beyond but what the heck!  You can never have too many really!

I was going to have lunch with a colleague tomorrow but it turns out her little lad has chicken pox and is still infectious.  I looked it all up and, as I had a little bout of shingles several years ago and really don't want to experience another, I have backed out this time.  Very disappointing indeed but there you go!  All the more time for reports (not!).

Do you have any plans for today?  Have a good one, whatever they are.


  1. I could do with more knives. You could put them aside for xmas?

  2. That's a thought¬! :-)
    J x