Sunday 3 May 2015


Yesterday started off cold and a bit frosty.  Today has started off milder and very wet.  It's raining and looks as if it has been for a while and is set to continue for a while too.  I'm hoping that it will clear by tomorrow.
Borrowed from Google!
Today is work day.  I have a heap of books and sheets to mark, I have bread to make (although that's not exactly work, is it? and I have some quilting to get on with.  I'm making a tote bag in various shades of purple.  It's not as eye catching as it could because I had a limited choice of fabric but I think my quilting is getting better, everything seems to fit and go together and there's no puckering (I think there's none anyway!).  Mind you, apart from the zig-zag quilting, everything is on the straight of the grain so that does make it all a lot easier.
It's a start anyway.

Now I feel a bit more confident again, I need to redo the quilt I made for a friend that turned out shockingly bad.  I learnt from it anyway!

It's a lovely feeling knowing that there's another day before school.  We don't get many bank holidays - well, we do, but they are in when schools are open, so the ones we do get in school time are precious, Although we know they take a day off the closed school time to compensate.  No problems with that here!

I wonder if 'they' will ever shorten the 'holidays' and lengthen the number of days in school.  If they do, teachers' salaries will need to go up accordingly as we get paid for the days we do, evened out over the year rather than paid at the 'right' time.  Well, all I know is that it won't happen in my working time now!

As it's Sunday, Beth will be over for lunch at some point.  I know she wants to carry on with her quilting so I can get on with my school work while she quilts!  We also need to start looking around at quilting machines.  I'm not going on a September holiday, nor do I plan to live it up, but my retirement treat to myself (and for Beth to share) will be a really good quilting machine.  I know I have a good machine already but quilting machines are different and they do make quilting life so much simpler.  So we have to look because, at that money, I am not going to make any hasty decisions.

It's time to go into the kitchen.  Sadly, I didn't leave it all that tidy yesterday evening so the first job is to put the bread on to knead and while it's doing that in Thermione I need to have a good tidy up before making breakfast.
Stay dry and have a good day!


  1. Remembering when I kept a diary of hours worked. We were told the pay was for 2765 hours a year or something like that. No surprise that when the real time spent was charted, some of us had already put in over the no of hours in the first term. Enjoy your extra day. Jx

  2. No surprise at all, is it? When one gets to school at 7:30 and stays until six, that's an extra three hours each day on top of the contracted 8:30 to 4:00 (definitely not nine till three).
    J x

  3. In the near future, those hours will be all your own to do with as you please. (happy smile) Jx