Tuesday 12 May 2015


It was another glorious day yesterday and I was lucky enough to be on afternoon playground duty, which was good.  It's always nicer when the children can go on the field.  Today looks similar at the moment - a bit dull but no lowering clouds so fingers crossed.

Apart from that it was just an ordinary day really, despite the SATs.  The afternoon was messy art (papier mache) and most of them thoroughly enjoyed it all.  You never saw such a sticky lot!!!  The results will be worth it though!

Today is more SATs and in the afternoon a visit from Owls'r'Us which we're all looking forward to.

Have a good day!


  1. Had to look up Owls'r'Us and am now envious in a nice way. I love owls and seeing them for real is a delight. Jx

  2. They were lovely, Joan. I love owls anyway and there were gorgeous. So many different kinds too. Loved it.
    J x