Wednesday 27 May 2015


Good morning, all.  Yesterday was very pleasant, weather-wise and I'm hoping today will be the same.  It has certainly started off very nicely so fingers crossed.

Yesterday I meant to get to Aldi at 8:00 when it opened but missed that target by - er - quite a lot.  Normally, when I go there, it is heaving but on a weekday it was just nicely and reassuringly busy.  I topped up with several bits and bobs including some flour, some of their 'super six' and, on an impulse, bought a set of six tortilla tins.  They are those tins that you press a soft tortilla into and then pop it in the oven and it makes a sort of fluted dish with the tortilla. 

Like these but not such good quality - they can't be at £6.99 for six!   (photo borrowed from Google)
OK, so it was very much an impulse buy but I bet I will use them, especially as tortillas are so easy to make!  In fact, as I have some veg to use up, I think that I will make some vegetarian chilli today!  And some flour tortillas!

Also I treated myself to some sparkling water.  I love sparkling water - it makes a meal special for me, especially with ice and a splash of lemon juice.  I suspect that I'm not drinking enough water at present so maybe this will help.  Anyway - it wasn't expensive!  That's my excuse!

Come the evening I set to and finished nearly all the ironing in the basket.  What a shame there were two loads of washing drying so now the basket is full again.  Ah, well!

The quilting is progressing.  I have one pot holder (with a loop too) and I was working on another but made a pig's-ear of the back of the edging so it will have to do as a place mat instead!  Can't waste all that hard work!

Today I have a friend round for coffee so I'd better get going and do a bit of tidying up!  Have a great day, whatever you are intending to do.

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