Saturday 16 May 2015

Breadline: 16-5-15

Already spent:  £23.08
Still to spend:  £38.92
Days to go: 16

Todays menu:
Breakfast:  scrambled eggs (26p) on a sourdough crumpet (2p), satsuma (10p),
Lunch:  Ham (42p), salad, coleslaw (paid + mayo/salad cream), potato salad (15p plus mayo, probably 6p)
Dinner:  Beef burger (80p), grated cheese, sweet potato wedges (10p), salad (paid at lunchtime)

Today's spend so far:  A very expensive £1.95!!!

It's half way through the month now and nowhere near half way through the money so this morning I am off to Aldi to invest in some of their super six - I shall look first, of course, but I'm hoing to buy some baby corn, some grapes, some mushrooms and maybe some funsize apples as well.
I think a few healthy treats are in order and I shall be waiting on the doorstep when they open at 8:00!

The salad things (potato salad and coleslaw) are intended to see me through several meals, not just the one.

And, finally, yesterday I bought some slightly manky bananas.  I thought they were 29p for 6 but I've just looked and they are 19p for 6.  I shall make banana bread and banana and peanut butter muffins which will not only feed my young gardeners today but also provide me with part of my lunches for quite a while and make the last two into a smoothie for breakfast tomorrow.  Can't be bad!

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