Saturday 9 May 2015

Breadline: 9-5-15

Already spent:  £13.34
Still to spend:  £48.66
Days to go: 23 (incl today)

Today's menu
Breakfast:  (blush)  home made tortilla chips (3p)

Lunch: Fried egg (13p) on toasted pikelet (1p), fried tomatoes (paid), fruit juice (paid) - this was originally breakfast but then I made those tortilla chips and had to sample them, of course!
Dinner:  Poached salmon (50p), sweet potato wedges (10p), soft cheese (7p), salad (lettuce, tomato, carrots, all paid), mayo (4p), orange (paid)

Spent today:  88p

It all looks very delicious today, doesn't it?  I was lucky with the salmon - a while ago they were on 'special' in Morrisons, two fillets for £1.00.  I bought two packs and froze them individually.  The problem now will be finding them in the freezer!

I made the pikelets with some sour dough.  Essentially they are crumpets without height - cooked without crumpet rings.

I do like the system of accounting for certain things when they are bought.  It means I don't have to weigh and calculate the price of some shredded lettuce, for example!  When it says 'paid' that's mostly why.


  1. Sounds lovely! Words can't express how much I envy your sourdough adventures!

  2. :-) I'm loving it, I have to admit. It will be nice when I have a bit more time to experiment.
    J x