Saturday 23 May 2015


Good morning, everyone.  After a good night's sleep, I woke early again this morning so came down and finished the quilt!  It's far from perfect, especially the binding around the edge, but it looks OK and I am sure it will be appreciated.  I now need to wrap it up and drop it off to my friend.  I think I will make a card to go with it, using the same fabric, which should be a nice finishing touch.

The weather today looks to be fine again.  It was lovely yesterday, warm and sunny for much of the time and it was a pleasure to open the French window and air the home.  It got a bit chilly later and the heating clicked on so I closed the doors and revelled in the cosy warmth.

It seems that we had an earthquake yesterday, very early in the morning.  Well, all I can say was that I was awake and downstairs and I didn't feel a thing so I guess Chelmsford was just that little bit too far away.  I gather that there was no structural damage although I read that people had reported china falling off walls and shelves and, presumably, smashing.

At midday Beth and I set off for our first trip to a needlework shop called 'And Sew In' which was sited in Blake Hall Craft Centre, not too far from Braintree.  And Sew On had been recommended to me by a Facebook friend when I showed some photos of the quilted tote bay that I made.  All I can say is wow.  A small but absolutely fabulous place, crammed from floor to ceiling with fabric, equipment, thread, etc.  We went in, I spent, we looked around the rest of the centre (some nice shops), had a snack, went back to And Sew On and I spent some more.  There were some great value remnants as well as on the roll fabrics.  I'm glad I transferred a bit of money over!
We will be going back there!

Once home, I was motivated to continue with the baby quilt which is why it's now finished.  I'm going to make another bag now, maybe as a gift.  It's time to think about Christmas, after all.

So - today.  On my list I have:
weed bed
sow beans
pull leeks
sow carrot seeds
Nowhere there does it say 'make quilted bag' but what's the betting . . .?

Have a lovely day.

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