Saturday 16 May 2015


At last it's the weekend.  The week that has been giving me sleepless nights for many months is past and over, thank goodness.  I suppose I have been very fortunate to avoid end of key stage SATs for the whole of my career really.

I slept very well but woke at stupid o'clock raring to go.  So I now have some bread dough rising and am just about to go and make some banana and peanut butter muffins seeing as I got some bananas greatly reduced yesterday (and you can see why they were reduced!).

Yesterday was spent out of the class working with my Y2 co-teacher on marking the long and short writing.  It was very hard work but we finished it.  I now have to collate all the results for my class and assign levels.  Deeelightful!

We marked the papers in the demountable that used to be my classroom for the two years I taught year 4.  It was a bit deja vue-ish in a way.  Some things don't change - it was always either too hot or too cold and yesterday it was definitely too hot!

Today is a rest day.  OK, so a no schoool work day.  Today I have a list of what I consider fun things to do/make.  I won't do them all, of course, but I will do some.

I have started to make some bread I saw on Jack Monroe's blog and am about to start some muffins I saw on the Frugal Family blog.  I want to make some more granola as I'm out of it and it makes a great breakfast with fruit and yogurt or milk.  I want to make some more sourdough bread and some pikelets but that will have to wait for tomorrow as I forgot to feed the sourdough last night.  I want to use my square bread tin and make a sandwich loaf.  Also I need to chop the veg I got in a reduced stew pack and freeze the results for soup and casserole bases.
And I want to carry on with the baby quilt.

Quite a nice day, don't you think?


  1. Sounds like a fun day! I love my non-teacher days x

  2. A lovely day, relax and enjoy. Glad your worrying week is safely over. xx

  3. Thanks, Sweffling. It's going well. One loaf made, muffins made, biscuits made, second loaf just about to start!
    Tracey, are you a teacher too? :-) What (or who) do you teach?
    J x