Tuesday 19 May 2015


Brrrr - it was jolly cold this morning.  I woke early and came down for a while but when I went back up again because I was getting tired, I was shivering.  The bed had cooled down so it took a while to get warm and if I hadn't been so zonked I'd have got an extra cover!

Never mind, I'm warm now, helped by a nice hot bath.

The sky is a gorgeous blue at the moment but I gather that it won't last and bad weather is on the way.  It was pretty dismal yesterday too, with a wet-so-inside morning play.  Much of lunchtime was inside too but they managed to get out in the afternoon, thank goodness.

Yesterday was maths level 3 SATs for those who achieved high enough on the level 2 paper.  I had those from both classes who weren't taking the test and did a nice rotational maths session: ten minutes or so at each table and then move on.  There were two tables with laptops, one with Hit the Button and one with coordinates activities, one table making 3D shapes, one with a symmetry activity and one with a dice and number grid activity.  They all seemed to go down very well and the children were all 'gainfully employed' as the saying goes.

Today is the Level 3 reading which is a much longer test.  More children are taking this so we will each take our own classes and the lovely TAs will take the others off for other activities.  Fortunately, at the moment we have a spare classroom so they can use that and the computer suite.

And then, apart from catching up with those who were absent, that's the last SATs over and done with for Y2.  Next year it will be the new tests which will probably be a lot harder and cause even more stress than the old ones.  Ho hum!

Well, must get going or I shall be late for school.  Have a good day!

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