Tuesday 5 May 2015

Breadline 5-5-15

Already spent:  £9.47
Still to spend:  £52,53
Days left:  27

Breakfast:  none - gippy tum
Lunch:  Instant soup (11p) - still slightly gippy tum
Dinner:  Savoury mince crumble (free - leftovers already counted frozen for another time), bits of corn on the cob, found in the freezer and given to me last year.  Texture slightly rough but still delicious. (free)

Spent:  OK, 11p sounds daft, doesn't it, but what with no breakfast and a very little lunch, together with leftovers and freebies . . .


  1. How's the tum today? Hope you're feeling better!

  2. It's much better, thanks. I'm just tired now and that's par for the course.
    J x