Thursday 1 December 2011


A pinch and a punch!  There, that's got the tradition bit done!

I seem to have got back into the way of waking at stupid o'clock again.  Yesterday it was before three, today it was just after three.  Mind you, I'm not feeling 100% so maybe that's why.  These colds go around and around the school and I reckon it's got back to me again!

Yesterday was weird.  Four teachers, quite a lot of support staff and no children.  I got a lot done.  Five woolly sheep, the Advent calendar, Christmas displays, narrators' scripts for the performance, assessments . . . but it was boring without the children!  And cold - the heating hadn't been turned on!
After school I popped over to Morrisons and when I came out there were ambulances and police cars everywhere.  I was stuck in the school car park for a short while (which was not a problem - there were much more important things needing to be done) but couldn't really see what had happened.  Turns out that three people had been run over - the details change depending on whose Facebook page you read, but it must have been pretty bad to warrant three ambulances and three police cars.  Of course, Morrison's was packed, the car parks were pretty full and the queues to get into the road that leads to Morrisons (and school) were starting to build up.  My immediate response was 'I hope it wasn't one of our children', which horrified me straight afterwards.  Whether it was one of 'ours' or not is surely not the point at all.  The point is that (probably) three people are hurt, perhaps badly, one a child, and whether I know them or not is irrelevant!  I hope they will be OK.

I'm pleased to say that I've met one of my targets.  As soon as I sent yesterday's entry I went over to Amazon and completed the order for the phone.  It took ages to decide on the postage choice.  At first I went for the free postage, then thought I might like it faster so changed it to first class post, then saw that with the weekend coming up it hardly made any difference (as it was being delivered to school)so changed it back to super saver.  And by the afternoon there was an email to say that it had been dispatched and should arrive on Friday.  Fingers crossed.  Also fingers crossed that the sound quality will be OK.

So - on to today.  Advent starts.  Choccy in a felt calendar.  The most wonderful interactive calendar from Jacquie Lawson.  A short time ago I got an email from her site reminding me that I hadn't yet activated the Advent calendar which had been given as a thanks for renewing my membership of her site (which I can thoroughly and unreservedly recommend for beautiful interactive online cards).  Funny, thought I, I don't recall being told about this.  However, I never turn anything free down unseen so I took a look and it is just lovely so yesterday I downloaded it to my class laptop and every day we are going to look at one scene.  I haven't told the children so it will be a surprise for them!

Here's a very simple idea for a Christmas tree decoration.  Pipe cleaner candy canes.  You need three long pipe cleaners, one red, one white and one green (Hobbycraft sell them).  Lay them side by side and twist them around each other.   Cut the resulting 'twist' in half and bend over the top of each half.  That's it.  Quick, easy and they look great.  And the children were extremely impressed and can't wait to make their own!
Nice, aren't they?

Edited to add:  Diane's comment made me realise that you might think it was my idea - it isn't.  I saw a picture somewhere (can't remember where) and thought 'what a good idea . . .'.

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