Thursday 1 December 2011

Thursday evening and a quick update

Firstly and most importantly, the injured child was one of ours.  We understand that it is serious but the condition is stable and the child should be OK in time.  As you can imagine, we were very upset about it, especially the child's class teacher, so it cast a dampener over the day.

Secondly and less important, the phone didn't arrive so fingers crossed for tomorrow!

Thirdly, remember me saying that I didn't get notification that I was being given the free interactive Advent calendar?  Well, the email arrived today!  So now I do know!
The children were introduced to it and they just LOVED it.   It's been a super day all round really (apart from the news about the accident) with lots of merry festive fun in the form of repeating colour pattern paper chains!

I hope tomorrow is as good.

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