Sunday 18 December 2011

Sunday morning

. . . and it's another cold and frosty one, although I gather it will warm up a little later on, just as it did yesterday.

Yesterday?  Well, it passed in a haze of snoozes, emails and Christmas DVDs with a session of - er - action on one of the OUSA forums I help to moderate.  DD came over and picked up the cardboard that came with my tables and it's now covering her allotment beds.  She came back later with a bucket of parsnips which we will have to deal with today.  The cough - well, it's been troublesome overnight, but never mind, it will sort itself out at some point.

As for today, DD and DG are over for lunch, I have - HAVE - to do some clearing up and sorting out and I shall rest in-between times as sleep was rather fragmented.

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