Sunday 11 December 2011

Sunday morning

After sleeping on and off quite a lot yesterday evening, plus an early night and going straight to sleep, I am, inevitably, wide awake at stupid o'clock.  It's not a problem - being Sunday, it's perfectly possible to go back to bed in an hour or so and have another little kip if wanted/needed.

Today I have DD and DG coming for lunch and we plan to get all the jars, etc sorted and wrapped for out hamper gifts.  While we're at it, I can do the pressies for people at school too and get it all out of the way.  Easy peasy!  I keep umming and ahing about the freezer.  Self Indulgent Self tells me it would be an awful lot easier to do it in the holiday; Common Sense tells me to get it done now before I need the space for festive goodies.  I know there's some old stuff in there that possibly is now past its best. 

I'm making a yummy lunch for us all today.Last weekend I made a version of dauphinoise potatoes for my friend, Alison, but with no cheese as it is not good for her.  It was so very tasty I'm going to make it again.  This time it will have cheese and also I will make two different ones so that DG and I can have some of the chicken from off the boiled up wings and maybe some bacon too.  The recipe I have (from the Good Food site) serves eight so halving it will be easy.  We'll have some vegetables with it - probably parsnips and carrots.

Well, it's just after half past four and I can feel the sleep wafting ever closer again so I'll sign off now.  Another hour or so in the land of nod would be good so fingers crossed the cough doesn't start up.

On the second night of the show I was presented with a lovely bouquet.  This photo was taken by the window in very low sunlight, hence the intense shadows.  I quite like the effect.

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