Friday 9 December 2011

And Friday evening

I thought I was getting a bit better so a couple of hours ago I wrapped up warmly and pottered down to A's house, just down the road, with my secret Santa gift.   I was wrong - I felt pretty rough by the time I got home again and am consoling myself with something that could be called medicinal (possibly) and a Miss Read book.  I love her stories; they're the kind of story one revisits time and time again!

Because of the number of people who couldn't come, our Chinese and Chat has been postponed until after Christmas when, it is hoped, everyone will be able to come.  It wasn't just me by any stretch of the imagination, more than half of us were not able to make it for one reason or another.  Such a shame but I think that the right decision was made.
So Secret Santa will have to be something else.  Secret Janus, Secret First Footer (no, I don't think so), Secret whatever . . .  And a well deserved and probably much needed early night tonight for many of us too, which can only be a bonus! 

Sadly I have also postponed an outing I was due to make tomorrow.  I have a lovely friend, Julie, who isn't all that well, and we were going to live it up at Hobbycraft tomorrow morning.  Luckily we have been able to reschedule for the Christmas holidays so it's a pleasure deferred, not cancelled.

I do love what our cul de sac community has become - we Witches of Pickwick.  Remember I said that I'd ordered some large Gopak folding tables for bigger family meals (especially Christmas)?  I got an email telling me that they would be delivered on the 16th.  Well, that's no good, I will be at school all day.  I was just about to phone to rearrange (which might not have been until after Christmas which would have been a nuisance) when I thought I'd just ask my fellow witches if any of them could help and, lo and behold, in a couple of hours it was all sorted.  Between two of my lovely neighbours the delivery is covered.  Bless them, I'm very grateful.  Who says community spirit is dead - not me, not here anyway!

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