Friday 9 December 2011

Friday afternoon

School's out.  It's an odd feeling.  I've had a productive day though and no, I'm not just talking about the cough!
I managed to make the cranberry sauce stuff for Christmas. This is what I did.
I peeled, cored and chopped 500g (ish) of cooking apples and added them to a pan with 500g cranberries.  In went half a tsp of cinnamon and enough water to just cover.
This simmered until everything was soft and mushy.  Then I put it through my mouli-thing as I tend not to hang in a jelly bag.  There's too much wasted that way.
Then I measured the liquid and added just under a lb of jam sugar for each pint of liquid and I also added some orange oil, some lemon oil and three cloves.
Then I did the usual for jam - heated slowly to dissolve the sugar, then boiled to setting point, which didn't take long.  Then into heated, sterilised jars.  It smells rather good, looks rather good and tasted yummy!  And I got enough jars to give a few as pressies too!  Yay!!

And then I had to sit down because I was worn out.  :0)

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