Friday 30 December 2011

Friday morning

So here we are, on the last day of the Christmas break.  I don't count the weekend or the Bank Holiday as we'd get them anyway.  It's been a good break, despite a few hiccups of varying severities, and I feel that for once it hasn't all been frittered away on idleness.

Yesterday I didn't get done what I'd planned (i.e. sorting out the fridge) so that's on today's list, but I did get my bedroom sorted plus giving the kitchen a good tidy and clean and getting all the washing done and dried, so it wasn't exactly a waste of time and at the end of the day I had quite a sense of achievement. 

Someone pointed me in the way of an interesting blog, 'A Slob Comes Clean', which, from what I have already read, seems to be written by a girl after my own heart (even if it is American, it's not as overly American as some of them are which means I can relate to it better).  I know that at my age I really ought to have all those good habits ingrained and established, but I haven't (maybe something to do with spending most of my adult life at work rather than at home), so I'm hoping that some of the tips and advice will help.  For example, I now have a daily checklist up on the fridge and yesterday I was able to tick everything off.  Will it help longer term?  We will see but I guess I have my New Year Resolution!

The daily checklist on the fridge door.  The other two are the recycling notices!
Later in the afternoon DD and DG came over.  DD grabbed some larger bits of card from the recycling sack (due to be collected today) and brought me round some purple sprouting broccoli from her garden - yum yum!  We popped off to Matalan to see what was in the sale and I found a winter jacket/anorak thing that was reduced from £40 to £8, which I was pleased with, plus some slippers, much needed in the colder weather, especially before the house heats up each morning.  I then went round to the gym to cancel my membership, something I've been intending to do for months.  I felt sad about this but I don't use it and it's just been a waste of money over the last months.

So today it's the daily checklist, the fridge and also I want to tackle the cupboard under the sink, which is dire!  I have to take the sheets and quilt covers round to Donna for ironing and I have a little bit of shopping to do too, so we have a few nibbles in for New Year's Eve.  Food is bacon and egg for breakfast (the bacon needs to be used up), turkey hotpot for lunch and something with the broccoli for dinner - I haven't thought what yet.

So I'd better go and start on the fridge, while my resolution is strong!  Planning?  What planning?

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