Wednesday 30 November 2011


I read several blogs.  There's some really good ones out there - good in the sense that I enjoy them, I mean.  I lean towards the homey, domesticated blogs rather than the trendy, alternative culture type blog -  I can relate to the former but usually don't have a clue what the latter is going on about for a start.  I also choose to read the friendly, warm and gently humorous rather than the slightly bitter, antagonistic sarcastic, which hold little appeal for me.

Some blogs (like this one) are inconsequential, rambling, say-what-you-think at the time type blogs.  You never quite know what you are going to read when you open these.  It could be about yesterday's telly, the pile of ironing in the corner or the latest government cock-up.  Some have a purpose and a theme - all the messages develop this one way or another.  A recipe blog, a review blog, a disability related blog - oh, it's endless, there are so many and very useful they can be too.

And then there's the very structured blog.  Saturday is always about shopping, Wednesday is always a recipe . . . like the wonderful 'Frugal Girl' blog.  Very American but still very interesting.  Sometimes I wish that I could be as very bloggily organised as Kristen is.  She works on entries before hand, she has a structure so that you more or less know what each day will be about.  Saturday is about shopping and the week's food plans, Friday is about food waste, Monday tends to be answering questions . . . and it gives her a steady income, not to be sniffed up in the current climate - or at any time, in fact.

Today (or it might have been yesterday now) she was talking about her weekly targets.  Simple little targets that are very achievable but don't seem to get done, one way or another, as well as the one offs such as getting her living room painted.
Looking around, there's an awful lot of little things that I need to do.  I have a mental list as long as my arm (longer, in fact) but maybe I need more accountability.  Maybe (miracles do happen occasionally) if I record them here, I might do them.  Who knows?  Worth a try.  I have a snappy little title:  Target Tuesday.  So you have to pretend that today is Tuesday, OK?  Just this week.  Next week, maybe it WILL be Tuesday - if I remember.

So here they are:
1.  Keep my bedroom tidy for a week.  I'm terrible with my bedroom.  It's my dumping ground with piles of things that I just don't put away, throw away or give away.  On Monday I tidied it all up, REALLY tidied it up.  So the aim is to keep it as clear as it is now for one week.  One bite at a time . . .

2.  Phone about my oven which has something of a problem.  I hate phoning - with my hearing issues it can be a very unhappy experience and I often end a phone call feeling angry and upset, simply because I haven't heard the speaker properly and, consequently, feel a stupid failure (not rational, I know, but that's how it goes). I avoid answering the phone, I avoid making phone calls, I would much rather email.  While not exactly having a phone phobia, I definitely have an intolerance.  Not good.

3.  Linked to 2 - get that new phone ordered.  It doesn't help that my phone is old and the sound quality is poor.  In fact, seeing as I was paid the other day, I will get it ordered from Amazon as soon as I have finished this entry.  Then I might have some chance of achieving 2.

4.  Make the cranberry sauce for Christmas and get it into the freezer.  Self explanatory!

5.  Defrost the upright freezer - definitely a weekend job here.

So there you go - my feeble attempt to get some organisation into my home life.  It might work, you never know!

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