Wednesday 21 December 2011

Wednesday evening

It certainly was a Hokey-Cokey day today.  First of all I went to the home of a dear friend to take her to Hobbycraft.  This friend is in a wheelchair so I had a bit of uncertainty about whether I could actually manage getting the chair into and out of the car but, as it happened, it wasn't a problem.  And then I had a great time re-arranging some of the displays in the show so that my friend could get to the displays she wanted to see.  Altogether a really good time.  Then back to hers for lunch and then home where I kept up the in-out pattern by taking stuff to the garage and getting stuff from the garage, after which I decided that what I REALLY wanted to do was get the Christmas tree set up.  So I did.  Then it was out again to pick up DG from his holiday club and get him home, indulging in a bit (OK, a lot) of kitten worship after arriving home.

And then home to decorate the tree. 

So the living room is an almighty mess, but the tree is up and decorated.  The rest can wait as I need an early night.  I still have two days before the first of the guests arrive.

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