Friday 9 December 2011

Friday morning

Goodness, what a miserable old thing I was yesterday evening.  So sorry for the whingy blog entry and thank you for the nice comments rather than something like pull yourself together, you whiney so-and-so!'.

Why is it that going to sleep with a cough is a whole lot better that waking up with one.  After a good dose of ibuprofen to keep the aches at bay, I think I had a good night's sleep - I can't remember if I didn't- but waking was a bit dire.  Yuck!  Still, I'm up now and devoutly thankful I don't have to get going and work today.  I may go back to bed in a while and see if I can catch some more sleep.

Why is it that one feels so guilty though?  It's not even as if the school has to provide supply cover as it's my SEN day so they are taken by A anyway.  And yet I'm sitting here, worrying about the work today, feeling bad that I will be at home while my colleagues are working hard. 

I'm daft!!!!!   ;0)

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