Monday 12 December 2011

Monday evening

Well, I was in school today and I survived.  I have to admit, I really didn't feel up to going in this morning, but there comes a point where one needs to push it through and I think I was there.  So in I went and it did get better through the day although I'm very much looking forward to bedtime - an early bedtime.  Today was a quiet day for the infants, but the juniors walked down to the local Anglican church for their carol service this afternoon which, I gather, went very well indeed.  Tomorrow the choir is off to St Paul's Cathedral to sing with other choirs in a concert there and the infants are having another show run through in preparation for the recording on Wednesday afternoon - fingers crossed for that.  So school life is hotting up again with all sorts of things happening before the end of term.  Planning is a series of 'activities' - Christmas cards, calenders, 3D angels, etc, etc, etc . . . all jolly good fun.

I've got a nice Friday evening planned.  A few weeks ago I saw a DVD of the original Miracle on 34th Street so I bought it and intend watching it on Friday evening with a few glasses of something chilled and white and sparkling.  Should be very nice indeed.

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