Saturday 31 December 2011

Saturday morning and the end of the year

. . . and I'm a bit later than usual, having slept on a bit more than usual and also having set to in the kitchen to do the first things on the daily checklist (empty the dishwasher and put EVERYTHING away - tick) and then to make some cheese biscuits for this evening.  The first lot is in the oven, the timer is ticking merrily beside me and the house is smelling fantastic!  As it's a special evening, I've used my fancy cutters and made little shapes of flowers, circles, stars and hearts which should look lovely on a decorative plate.

As I open my fridge door, I feel a great sense of satisfaction, sad person that I am.  Inside it all is in perfect order, jars are all within use by date, things are arranged logically instead of bunged wherever they will go and the shelves are sparkling clean!  I wonder how long that will last.  Next job on the list is the cupboard under the sink!  Ho hum!

I've decided to start my checklist on a Saturday, so the new one is sitting beside me, ready to go up on the fridge.  There's a new addition - it says 'ten books out or tidied'.  Anyone who has seen my book room will know exactly what that means!

Right, better go and put the second lot of cheesy things in, tidy up behind myself and start on that cupboard.  I might even take a before/after photo or two!

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