Saturday 24 December 2011

Christmas Eve

Things To Do Today

Prepare the turkey
Make the bread sauce
Make DD's vegetarian 'option'!
Make the cheese biscuits
Make the gravy
Prepare the sprouts
Get the ingredients for the Christmas muffins ready
Remember to get the pigs in blankets and stuffing balls out of the freezer before I go to bed.

I think that's it.  Easy peasy!

Breakfast as normal.  Toast and stuff
Lunch: guess who ordered far too much Chinese take-away last night.  So that's lunch sorted.  The soup can wait for another day
Dinner.  DS and A are making pizza for us.  So I have to prepare the salad, open a packet of crisps, get out some mince pies, cake and the Christmas log and generally keep out of their way as they mess up my beautifully clean and tidy kitchen (only joking - I think)

I made some banana bread yesterday as I had several geriatric bananas.  The recipe I used looked nothing special but it was simple and the results were utterly delicious.  It is freely available online here and I can thoroughly recommend it.  I didn't have mixed dried fruit so I chopped up the remains of a packet of dried apricots and some dried cherries.  It didn't make as much dried fruit as the recipe asked for but it seemed just about right to me and the flavours go really well together.  So with that, the tea loaf, the Christmas log, the biscuits and the biscotti, I think we might possibly just have enough cake-y stuff to keep us going until Boxing Day when the shops open again

As always, Just Jules has done her customers proud.  The Christmas log looks wonderful and smells even better.  The Christmas cake that DD made is also beautiful but you'll have to wait for that photo!  :0)

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