Monday 26 December 2011

Boxing Day

A new take on an old story.  Forget bad King Herod, the threat now appears to be of total extermination from the bad Blue Dalek.  Will the Daleks change the face of history for ever?  Will the shepherds and the wise men combine forces to fight this threat?  Or is the Dalek simply bringing his own offering for the Baby?  What will the Doctor do?  Is this a preview of next year's Christmas special?   
Watch this space.

Yesterday was lovely.  A long day.  Jolly hard work.  But lovely.  For once I had the meal on the table within ten minutes of the expected time (it's a bit of a family joke that I say a time and then serve it up an hour later . . .).  The food was scrumptious and there's loads of leftovers so I won't have to do very much cooking at all.  For several days, probably.  The Kelly turkey was, as always, utterly delicious.  There were three different kinds of stuffing: mine, mum's and a vegetarian one for DD.  There were zillions of vegetables, I managed fine with one oven and Handy Andy (blessings be upon him) and was able to use the other oven for keeping things warm..  And I got through the whole day, from four o'clock onward without having a snooze!

Now it's Boxing Day.  There will just be five of us today.  Leftovers and other easily produced stuff - and I bet we all snooze on and off all day long.  Lovely!  Have a good day, everyone, and don't work too hard!

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