Wednesday 7 December 2011


And it's PPA this morning.  Yay.  They're not being taught by the usual teacher though because she is taking the juniors through the carols for the Christmas Carol Concert next Monday afternoon.  Two very courageous and, possibly, foolhardy Y5 teachers are taking my class (one after the other, not together - Infants aren't so scary that one needs company!) and I have produced some careful and relatively unchallenging work both for their sake and for the children too, who will be rather tired after yesterday's late night.

Last night - well, I had a little rave about it in here when I got home.  We all felt that it went extremely well.  The parents seemed to love it, judging by the soppy smiles on everyone's faces and they can be very proud of their children who were stars!
After all our lectures on 'rules' and 'behaviour' and 'singing at the right time', they conducted themselves in an exemplary fashion and were a pleasure to see and listen to.  Well, all except one young person who will remain nameless in here, of course, but who will find that s/he is in deep, deep hot water once s/he gets to school.  I want a word (or several) and I think the teacher s/he blatantly ignored will also have a few comments to make after I have finished.  I doubt any of it will be particularly complimentary!

I can't recall where I am in the saga of the oven.  Suffice it to say there's not much chance of a repair before Christmas now, thanks to my shocking habit of hiding my head under the pillow rather than taking action.  Therefore I have been considering my options and being very grateful for Handy Andy (my halogen oven).
The turkey, obviously, will fill the oven from stupid o'clock to about midday, then it comes out and in go the roasties.  I can roast the parsnips (parboiled) and also cook the pigs in blankets in Handy Andy and, providing I cook the stuffing the day before, that can be heated up in there too, or in the microwave.  I will boil the carrots, as DS isn't too fond of roasted veg.  DD's vegetarian option (savoury crumble, which is a great favourite) will do under (or over) the roasties.
We always heat up mince pies and Christmas pudding as it is wanted because very often no-one has room for much pudding!  So that's not a problem.

And finally I received an email telling me that my tables will be delivered on the 16th.  Now that's a right pain because I am in school, of course.  So I either ask the witches who can be in to sign or I ask them to delay the delivery.  I think I'll try the former first!  Fingers crossed!

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