Thursday 29 December 2011

Thursday morning

I don't think I'm totally over that cold yet - at the moment I'm aching a bit.  Nothing too bad but it's getting me down rather.  Fortunately, I have enough going on to keep my mind off it, which is more than half the battle.

Well, the turkey is now no more and I have some useful single portions of roast turkey in gravy and turkey hotpot, not to mention some dripping and some stock which will be useful for soups.  Three cheers for freezers!   Today is the day to sort out the rest of the fridge as there are still some post Chrisrtmas things that either need eating or freezing.  I suspect my kitchen waste box will take a battering today.  Also today I have to finish washing and drying all the bedding from last weekend, as tomorrow it's going off to a lady for ironing - my New Year gift to myself.  And my bedroom needs attention too, or it will start becoming a dump again and that I do NOT want to happen.

And there's this little voice inside me that has been silent for a couple of weeks whispering 'planning'.  Oh, drat!!!!

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