Friday 16 December 2011

Friday evening

We DID get some snow.  It was very wet, pretty sleety and didn't settle, but it WAS snow, especially at playtime, when it was proper big flakes fluttering down around shriekingly excited children.  The rest of the day was mostly rain with a bit of sunshine now and again.  It was raw though and the children seemed eager to get back in to the warmth of the classroom.  So were Andrea, Sharon and I after our afternoon playground duty.

The Gopak tables were delivered today.  Thanks to two lovely fellow witches (thanks, Ros and Elaine) the day was covered and when I got home, there they were.  Two big tables that can be put together to make a big almost square dining table that will easily sit eight with room to spare and, looking at them, would sit ten without discomfort too.  And if I put them longwise, I could manage fourteen.  An excellent investment for family get togethers.  And to cap it all, the DVDs I have ordered for DD for Christmas (she knows about them) arrived ten minutes ago.  Now that was speedy!

So now the term has ended.  We've had carols by candlelight, the wine is a-chillin' and I am considering my take-away options.  Chinese?  Indian?  Pizza?  Decisions, decisions. 
AND we got paid today.  Can life hold more?

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