Thursday 15 December 2011

Thursday morning

Oh, dear, two whole days without blogging.  I'm so sorry, gentle readers, but recent events meant that I wasn't really up to blogging.  Settling down again now so here I am.

Two more days to go before the end of term.  Two days filled with lots of nothingness really.  A special guitar assembly today, some games in the hall this afternoon, videos (educational, of course ) and maybe a little bit of work, if there's any gaps to fill.

On Monday I posed them a problem.  There are ten Words and Pictures Phonic Special programmes on this video.  There are five days left of the term.  If Lime Bay children watch all the videos, how can we share them out so they watch the same number each day?  Little Mathematician got there straight away, of course.  So Monday and Tuesday we watched two.  Yesterday we didn't.  Real Life wins over theory any day of the week in an infant class.  So today the problem is six programmes and two days.  I doubt anyone will object - they do seem to enjoy their Words and Pictures.

As well as that we must do the traditional thing and watch The Snowman.  Can't not watch The Snowman.

Yesterday the film company came to shoot the show.  No, not literally, in a film recording sort of way!  So we did the Sleepy Shepherd one last time.  I have to admit that, charming as it is, it's now wearing just a bit thin and it's about time the five woolly sheep learnt to stand still, the Sleepy Shepherd caught up on his sleep and did the job properly and his friends learn to believe him a bit more.  So the music and CD are now safely stored away for another time, the sheep are off the wall bars and the costumes have all gone home.  And the star is decorating my classroom now!!  Yay.

But the Big Problem for today is 'Do we go out for games after play'?  If I have my coordinator cover the answer is 'yes'!  If I have to take them the answer is 'most unlikely'!  See how committed I am.

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