Thursday 22 December 2011

Thursday evening

The room is tidy (not clean because C is now coming tomorrow morning, but that's a minor problem), the decorations, such as they are, are out and about and about an hour ago Laura brought the two Christmas candle displays I asked her to make.  As last year, they are beautiful although the photos I've taken do not do them any justice.  Personally, I blame the lighting. After all, it cannot possibly be the way I shot them, can it????  :0)

OK, so maybe it can . . .

There's still quite a long list of things to do, but nothing too onerous apart from the last big shop (extremely early tomorrow morning).  The guests start to arrive tomorrow afternoon and it's all remarkably peaceful and unstressed right now.  I think I will put away the ironing board, turn off the lights, open a beer and watch a movie.  That sounds just about right.

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