Saturday 17 December 2011

A cold and frosty (Saturday) morning

After a long night's sleep I woke to a white and silent world.  No, not snow, sadly, just a very heavy frost, but lovely to see.  By the time I got out with the camera most of it had thawed: must be quicker next time.  The problem was that I went back to bed to read and drink my morning coffee and, I suppose, inevitably went back to sleep again.

However worthy and devoted a teacher one is, there is a certain frisson of excitement that scampers up and down ones emotions when thinking of the day after the end of term.  That sense of a blank page, an untrodden snowfield, an unruffled pool. just waiting for one to put ones own individual mark on it.  What to do when there's no planning, assessment, evaluation, resource gathering and making . . .
And the sheer delight of reading on a certain social networking site that little pickles who normally take forever to wake up were bouncing on their devoted parents' bed at some unearthly hour - I had to smile!

Unfortunately, with all the coughing between sleeps last night, I have a very croaky voice this morning.  On the brighter side, I intend to have a pj day - doing precious little but rest, snooze, potter and generally wasting time!  It's jolly cold and the ground is hard so I have cancelled George.  I don't absolutely need to go shopping so I won't.  There's probably nothing worth watching on telly but I will find something anyway. 

That's my day sorted.  I hope yours is good too.

A tangle of clematis - a gift I might possibly manage to keep alive beyond Christmas - you never know!!

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