Tuesday 20 December 2011

Target Tuesday

I didn't do this last week - too much else going on and it totally went out of my mind.  But it's back again now.

OK, so how did I do?
1.  Continue to keep my bedroom tidy.  Yes, yes, yes.  That's three weeks now, so almost a habit . . . almost!
2.  Phone about the oven.  I'm afraid not.  Not yet.  I have made my cooking plans to get round this one.  Must do it though.
3.   Look out for the cranberries - yes, the sauce is now made, has been mixed with a liberal amount of port and it in the fridge.  It's set well so no need to freeze now.
4.  Tidy living room.  Well, I'm in the middle of a serious declutter so it's not exactly tidy, but it will be, no doubt about that.
5.  Sorting out some books.  Yes,I've started.  Not got very far but getting there.  One bite at a time.

New targets:  not so many because Christmas is enough of a challenge.
1.  Continue to sort out the books
2.  Declutter the cupboard under the stairs.
3.  Keep working on that bedroom!

That's enough!

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