Tuesday 6 December 2011

Target Tuesday

First for last week's targets.  I'm afraid I haven't done so well, my reason (or excuse) being that I've been very busy and I've not been well.  Better luck this week.

1.  Keep my bedroom tidy for a week.  I have done that!  I'm really very pleased about this  I've never been good at tidy bedrooms - well, tidy anything if I am quite honest!  This year one bedroom, next year the whole house!  You never know - miracles do happen sometimes.

2.  Phone about my oven which has something of a problem.    Say no more.  I think I am reconciled to one oven for Christmas, plus my trusty Handy Andy.  Others do so I can too!

3.  Linked to 2 - get that new phone ordered.  Yes, well I achieved that.  It arrived yesterday and now it is all charged up, it works with my Virgin line, the sound quality isn't too bad and I even have two numbers programmed in!  Yay for me!

4.  Make the cranberry sauce for Christmas and get it into the freezer.  Er - no cranberries in Morrison's so not all that easy to do.  I will keep my eyes open!

5.  Defrost the upright freezer.  Another .  Weekend was just too achey and busy.  May be better to wait until the end of the term.

Now on to this week's targets.

1.  Continue to keep the bedroom tidy - it needs to become a habit!

2.  Get that phone call about the oven made.  It needs to be mended, even if that's not going to happen before Christmas!

3.  Look out for those cranberries

4. Get the living room tidied and KEEP it tidy - extension of bedroom target really.

5.  Start sorting out the books in the 'yellow room'.  There's stuff on the shelves that I have not looked at for years and years and, while the craft books are staying, the old, out of date, discontinued course OU stuff could easily see the inside of the bin.  They're not sellable.  Ditto for old, rubbish novels.  They're much too scruffy to be sellable and I would be ashamed to hand them on anywhere.

Fingers crossed, eh?

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