Thursday 22 December 2011

Thursday morning

Well, I was going to do my last lot of shopping early morning but when I woke I felt too bleugh to summon up the energy to get going.  This flippin' cold has really taken the ooomoph out of me - I'll HAVE to go tomorrow morning now and then make the biscotti that's going to finish off the hampers. 

So I've started on the living room.  As always, I've started in one corner and will methodically (ha ha) work my way through.  The big bonus is that I don't have to clean as I work through - Charlotte is back today to do all of that.  I reckon it's just about the best present I have ever given myself and one to repeat on other occasions!  So I must get the living room sorted before midday, when she is due round.  I have about six hours which is plenty long enough, even for a lazy bones like me.  I keep looking at the one tidy corner and wishing, but if wishes were horses . . . as the saying goes.

It is starting to look quite nice with the tree up and the lights twinkling, although I did rather mutter a few less-than-festive things as I was trying to lug the tree into the house yesterday.  The box it was in virtually fell apart in my hands so I promptly went online to Amazon and ordered one of those plastic Christmas tree holder bag things with zips and handles, etc.  Don't know why I didn't do it a long time before - I am very surprised the original box didn't give up the ghost years ago!!

Apart from all that, it's turkey day - the day the Kellybronze turkey is delivered.  So there will be plenty of defeathering (there's always too many feather stumps left) and generally faffing around with the poor thing - lemon and sage butter under the skin, onion and lemon inside before making room for it in the fridge.  Unfortunately, the weather is due to turn warm and the things I was hoping to be able to keep out in the shed are going to have to come into the fridge, which is a right pain in the old wotsit!  iGoogle tells be it's going to be up to 11 tomorrow which is way too warm.  Saturday is supposed to be cooler again.  I just hope that what happened three years ago doesn't happen again.  That year the turkeys grew exceptionally well and instead of the 7k bird I had ordered, I got one weighing 10.5k.  I had to remove the wings to fit it in the oven!!  Please, not this year!!

Ah, well, better do another little bit of tidying up and sorting out.  I may be gone some time!

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