Monday 1 August 2011


A pinch and a punch.
There, that's got the formalities over and done with. August is here. Where did July go? Amazingly quickly, that's for sure. August - doesn't the name just ring with sun, sea, sand and laughter galore? It does to me. The happy, hilarious holiday month. I love August!

I managed to get the kitchen into some sort of order yesterday, thank goodness, and I also found someone who will probably take my old bin off my hands. If you remember, last week I treated myself to a really good Brabantia bin that, I hope, will last a lifetime - it had better at that money!! The old bin is a bit battered, the hinges are broken so the lid has to be lifted up by hand but apart from that it's perfectly useful and useable and it's a great family size (so too big for me really). The lady who says she will have it is coming this afternoon to pick it up. I'm glad - it's really not bad enough to throw away.

DD and DG came for tea as usual, DD carrying loads of washing. Hopefully her machine will be repaired soon but until then it's lovely to be able to share. It's my turn to do my washing today.

And I spent some money online. Any casual reader of this blog will have picked up that I like jamming and preserving (in the culinary sense of the word). Having handed on all our spare jamjars to A, I felt a little guilty as DD and I have a sort of common pool of jars for our respective jam making and I'd just given them all away. So I went online, found the Jam Jar Company and ordered copious numbers of jars and lids, plus some Maldon salt and some tartan labels to make it up to free postage. That should see us through the next few years!! Me, DD and A, all three!
I ought to make some lemon curd for our holiday - when the jars come!

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