Wednesday 31 August 2011

Wednesday morning

Yesterday I went into school with every intention of being home again by four. Ha ha: at quarter to six I rolled in through the front door, quite tired but feeling good. That may sound odd if you could see the state I left my bay in but I actually got a lot of work done. I made and laminated new labels for the trays and pegs and got them blu-tacked on. I made and copied loads of assessment sheets. I got the reading folder ready with all the sheets in, including the daily register and the ongoing record of stages. I moved furniture around and generally got a lot of things sorted out. As a result, I now know exactly what I have to do and have a very useful list for today and tomorrow, after which I should be just about there and ready.

Apart from that I didn't do much at all - even the tomatoes didn't need any care - it was so dull and dreary, the soil was still damp, no watering needed! I do hope we get a bit of warmth and sunshine today, although I'm almost prepared to bet that the weather will turn for the better the moment the children are back in school! That's life.

Photo: I was given a gift last week. My mum has a wonderful paperback book called 'Let's Preserve It'. It really is the best book of its kind I have come across. It's not glossy, no shiny colourful photos, only basic instructions (but complete and understandable), no index because everything is in alphabetical order . . .it's truly excellent. However, being a paperback that was used much, it was falling apart and needed handling with great care. Mum contacted David's Bookshop and they scoured the country for another copy for her, second hand as it's no longer being printed, but had no luck anywhere - I guess people are holding on to their copies. And then, to her great delight, the Times (or maybe it's the Sunday Times) started a reprint of certain classics and this book was one of them. She ordered one for herself and, very kindly, one for me too. So kind, thanks, Mum.

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