Sunday 14 August 2011

Sunday morning

It's a misty, moisty morning, as you can see from the photo, but it's the sort that will burn off later on when the sun comes out. Having looked at the ten day forecast for Crowborough, it looks as if we're going to get some pretty pleasant weather most of the time. Good-oh.

Well, the big thing for today is the Grandson's Christmas dinner! We have a nice looking organic free range chicken, some sausage and bacon and some of Delia's spiced red cabbage made yesterday from a red cabbage off DD's allotment (and it tastes absolutely wonderful), some runner beans (also off the allotment) and some left over ratatouille, plus roasties made with King Edwards off - yes, you've guessed it - the allotment. These are really our Christmas potatoes which she will dig up and I will prepare and freeze for the Big Day, so it is very appropriate that we use them for this meal as well. Oh, and we have stuffing as well - from a packet, of course, but I bet it's tasty anyway. DG, being a young teen, will be able to do much of it himself too, with just a little guidance at times and help at the end when things get - er - heated!

More info later!

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