Wednesday 10 August 2011


An unusual cosmos. It was a surprise, in fact I looked carefully because I thought it mught have been damaged by some pesky insect, but no. I rather like it and look forward to more of the same.

It's Wednesday and, for once, I remembered to put the recycling stuff out yesterday evening so I don't have to go running out in my dressing gown. After my recent deliveries I had rather a lot of cardboard boxes to dismantle and cut up and the recycling bag is full and overflowing into another bag. I was glad to get that done - thanks DD for helping.

Today is 'getting the house ready for visitors' day. It won't take long - well, it will but only because I will keep getting diverted into other stuff. One of these decades I will have a good declutter. The amount of stuff I have is totally ridiculous for someone living on her own! Not this week though. I wonder - am I hoarder because I am a teacher or am I a teacher because I hoard things? Answers on a postcard, please . . .

And finally, a whinge (not another one, do I hear you ask?). It's not fair, NOT FAIR! All my tomatoes are still as green as green and DD has a RED one! I bet mine will ripen while I'm away. Bound to! Mind you, with the large number on each of the three plants, I'm going to have a great time with them. Can't wait! But it would be nice to have some ripening before the start of the new term so I can go out early morning, pick my tomatoes and fry them for breakfast. That would be just lovely! Fingers crossed.

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