Wednesday 3 August 2011


. . . and phew. It ain't 'alf 'hot, mum! Scorching hot outside at the moment. I was out doing a bit of gardening and had to come in to cool off and de-sweat (charming, I know).

First of all I cut off all the remains of the crocosmia flowers, before the seeds drop. It's invasive enough as it is, after all. I then tackled the bush that thinks it's a tree and sort of lopped it back into shape somewhat. I have no idea whether it's the right time of year for that but as nothing seems to kill that bush, I doubt I have done too much damage. As a result, you can see the sunflowers more clearly now.

I then went round dead-heading and generally neatening up and it does all look better now. I also had a good go at the tomato support canes, which really weren't doing a very good job, by tying on a couple of canes across the way. It all feels a lot more stable now and should continue to support the plants should we get anything in the nature of a high wind.

Photos to come.

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