Friday 12 August 2011

Friday evening

Well, here we are at Streele Farm again, after a very busy couple of days doing all sorts of things in preparation. It's lovely to be back and even more lovely that, thanks to some very serious kindness, we are in Streele Barn rather than the Dairy. Three big bedrooms, a bathroom each and so much room. It really is delightful in here and reassuring to know that for both me and DD our houses are being well looked after by friendly and kindly house sitters.

I can feel the stresses and strains slowly seeping away and I'm gradually relaxing and getting sleepier and sleepier. We had a lovely dinner. Jacket potatoes with cheese and salad. The potatoes and most of the salad were still in the soil not that long ago and, my goodness, you can taste the difference.

So it's only right that the photos should be of the Barn and I will post them in a separate entry to make up for yesterday.

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