Tuesday 2 August 2011


Only two more days until Dentist Day and, thank goodness, the bad tooth seems to have had its growl and is now sleeping peacefully again (fingers crossed). Amazingly, after all the problems on Friday and Saturday, it's hardly twinging at all. Maybe it's the new toothpaste. I decided that if the aches I occasionally get from another tooth is due to sensitivity, I should test the claims of some toothpastes and use the sensitive variety. Maybe it does work!

Yesterday was extremely pleasant. I had a lovely coffee, lunch and good old natter with my friend Liz, the lady who was my opposite number in year 1 until she retired at the end of last school year. She made little pizzas on pitta bread (delicious) and there were tomatoes from her garden as well. Hers are much further on than mine: she is picking every day and mine are not even hinting at redness yet. One they do start to turn I can see I will be inundated and must have some recipes to hand to avoid wastage, there are so many. I have three different kinds: a beef tomato, a cherry plum and an 'ordinary' tomato which is supposed to be very flavoursome.

I hope they don't go the way of the courgette. After providing me with three or four delicious fruits the whole thing has gone mouldy and dusty and died on me. Maybe I over-watered it, I don't know, and I think the pot I put it in was way, way too small. Ah well, that's what brown bins are for! And DD said I can relieve her of some any time I like as she's got far too many and doesn't know what to do with them. Courgette jam, anyone?

The bin has bin and gone, as Liz said. It actually polished up very nicely and, apart from the broken lid, was a great give-away. The lady who came to pick it up seemed pleased enough anyway and I was very glad that it will continue to be used.

Photos: boring views of tomatoes!

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